A good book is as good as a holiday

A good book is as good as a holiday

Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why? Of course there are obvious and practical reasons; doing everyday tasks like filling out forms, studying for a test, answering emails, checking dreaded bills. But there are also many far more exciting and wonderful reasons to reach for a book.

Modern life is demanding, fast-paced and full of responsibilities. A book offers a form of escape, for as little or as long as you choose, without paying for an extravagant holiday or even having to leave the comfort of a cosy spot on the couch. As the world moves online and we spend more of our time with smartphones and in front of computer screens it’s tempting for some to believe that books aren’t quite as important as they once were. Luckily though, even die-hard fans of gadgets and tech agree that between Kindles and iPads there’s more ways than ever lose yourself in a good book.

The truth is reading is one of the first things we’re taught in school as children and there’s a good case for keeping up the habit well into adulthood. Since we never really stop learning, but do eventually stop going to school, books can become valuable teachers, experts, coaches and tutors. Pick any topic in the world you’d like to know more about and you’re sure to find more than a dozen books on the subject.

All books tell a story of one kind or another, but the really great books allow us to glance into a different world, to visit places we might not otherwise go, and to imagine the lives of people quite different from our own. The magic of reading is certainly worth cherishing which is why 23 April each year is celebrated as World Book Day, with a special emphasis reading stories to children and encouraging them to become lifelong readers themselves.

So ahead of World Book Day next month (23 April) why not pop into your favourite book shop at Mall of the North and pick up the latest work by your favourite author, one recommended by a friend, or one on a subject you’ve been meaning to learn more about. The other fantastic thing about books is they make for great gifts too. They’re always the right size, especially easy to wrap, and can be opened again and again.

Happy reading!

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