A little kindness can change the world

A little kindness can change the world

Open a newspaper, catch the 7 o’clock news, or scroll through social media and you’re likely to find more than your fair share of gloomy headlines. In the face of seemingly endless bad news it is worth reminding yourself that there are thousands of good people doing their best to make the world a little better each day.  You might even be one of them.

They say a little kindness can go a long way, and as anyone who’s ever tried to change lanes in horribly gridlocked traffic can attest to, the simple act of another motorist giving you a gap can make all the difference to your mood. According to the South African National Blood Service the relatively easy good deed of donating just one unit of blood can help save can help save as many as three people’s lives, proving that even the smallest act of kindness matter.

From the small to the truly heroic, acts of warmth, compassion and generosity make the world a much nicer place – a cause we can all get behind. Inspiring examples of selflessness in action are everywhere. Instead of spending a fortune on swish new outfits for their matric dance, a group of high school students in the UK decided to donate the money to a local children’s home instead. Closer to home, a Capetonian donated her late mother’s mobility walker to a struggling elderly woman collecting money at one of the city’s busy intersections. The story only became public because a passer-by was so moved by the stranger’s generosity that they shared it on Facebook. After Hurricane Sandy led to massive power failures in much of New York in 2012, residents with electricity came to the rescue by offering sandwiches, coffee, Wi-Fi, and phone charging facilities to neighbours and strangers alike. And after fires devastated much of Knysna, South Africans from all walks of life came together to donate water, food, blankets and clothes to those who had lost their homes and all their belongings.

This month presents the perfect opportunity to do as much good possible, as Mall of the North joins the nation to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July. The day calls on ordinary people to do their part in making the world a better place by getting behind a cause close to the heart, whether by donating time, money, or both.

This July Mall of the North is also proud to make the world a little more beautiful too, as we host the Limpopo Eisteddfod Art Exhibition from 21 to 23 July at the Edgars Court to showcase the region’s top artistic talent. The not-to-be-missed exhibition will feature stunning works of art from photography to sculpting and from modern art to the most gorgeous paintings and drawings. If you have a masterpiece the world needs to see then enter online at www.limpopo-eisteddfod.co.za before entries close on 10 July. See you there!

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