A (non-mushy) guide to your best Valentine’s Day yet

A (non-mushy) guide to your best Valentine’s Day yet

For a bit of fun try Google ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ or ‘I’m anti Valentine’s Day’ and you’ll find millions upon millions of disgruntled results from every corner of the internet.

Of course the 14th of February has its fair share of vocal fans. After all, it’s the one and only day of the year when it’s completely acceptable to unleash your inner hopeless romantic while also indulging in copious amounts of delicious chocolate. Pardon the pun, but what’s not to love?

For those who aren’t exactly fans of Cupid’s famed bow and arrow, Valentine’s Day can feel just a little too frilly and mushy. If you fall into this camp, or you’re in a relationship with someone who is, you might be tempted to ditch the celebrations altogether. Thankfully, we know some very thoughtful (and totally dignified) ways to show you care.

The missed wish-list item

The festive season is now a distant memory but that doesn’t mean you should forget about that all important wishlist. If you ran out of time before Christmas to grab that last little something for your significant other – now is your time to shine! Aside from the brownie points you’ll earn, the gift will be something they actually want.

Make it personal

If pink cards and fluffy teddy bears aren’t your thing, then it’s time to get creative. Make your own decidedly unsentimental card, frame your favourite photo of the two of you, or compile both your favourite recipes into a personalised scrapbook.

Do what works

Even the toughest cynic would agree there’s nothing better than a tasty meal and a movie. Luckily you can get both at Mall of the North. And we completely understand if you swop the romantic comedy in favour of the latest superhero action film instead.

Forget the script

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to any particular script on Valentine’s Day. If your partner is positively allergic to pollen then skip the flowers and go for a potted kitchen plant. Worried about ruining the new year’s resolution diet? Instead of chocolate create a gift basket of healthy guilt-free snacks and pamper goodies.

Keep it simple

So the mushy lovey-dovey stuff makes you want to roll your eyes. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day. Strip away all the fluff and Valentine’s Day is really about sharing some TLC. So give your best friend a hug, call your mom, dish out a compliment or two, and remember there’s 364 other days in the year to spoil your nearest and dearest.

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