A photo is forever and always

A photo is forever and always

It’s been said that a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye. The result of a simple click of the button is a unique moment captured in time, giving photos an almost magical quality. Just think of the powerful effect old photos have to transport us back to sunny childhood holidays and special birthday parties complete with delicious cake and colourful balloons.

With the help of technology, taking incredible photos is easier than ever.  Cameras have certainly come a long way with dozens of nifty features to get even the most camera shy excited about snapping more pics. Not to mention how our handy smartphones double as a camera, ensuring we never miss a chance to take the perfect picture.

With so many options, there’s really no excuse not to take plenty of photos of family, friends, pets, and anything that makes you smile. Even better is that there’s a camera to match every kind of personality. If spending time in the bush viewing wildlife is your happy place then investing in a DSLR camera might be the perfect fit. Prefer a shot of adrenalin instead? A GoPro camera could be the cherry on top of your next big adventure. And if you love a mix of old school charm with new school cool, then seeing your snaps right away with an instant camera is what you’ve been waiting for.  If you’re just starting out, a stylish point and shoot camera will guarantee taking beautiful photos is as effortless as it is fun.

Taking more photos means you have more chances to capture truly special moments. So keep taking pictures, try new angles, and enjoy expressing your creative side.

Don’t know what to do with all those photos? Turn some of those memories into precious keepsakes by printing them for an album, framing a few for your desk, or creating a gorgeous collage of frames to decorate a wall at home.

Inspired?  By taking the time to learn more about your camera’s various modes and functions (even those on your smartphone) you’ll be well on your way to making all life’s greatest moments that much better, plus you’ll be able to reminisce about them years later.

Why not start creating beautiful memories by capturing a special moment with your significant other here at Mall of the North. You and your loved one could be the lucky couple to win a romantic weekend getaway for two at the Magoebakskloof Hotel. All you have to do is tell us which shop or restaurant makes your heart flutter by snapping a pic in front of the store and post it to our Facebook page before Valentine’s Day on 20 February.

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