All you need is love… so love showing it

All you need is love… so love showing it

February is celebrated as the month of love. But what is love?

Some say that it is a form of insanity others believe it to be deep caring connection. Many find it impossible to describe. That may be because love means different things to different people. There are also different kinds of love: I love my husband. I love my mother. I love my cat. I love reading books. I love sunsets. I love pina coladas, getting caught in the rain…

However, most agree that love is one of the most astonishing and satisfying experiences a person can have.

So, imagine a world with more love in it! We’d like that. A lot.

In today’s high-pressured, fast-paced and disconnected world, many people are sorely in need of love, yet so many of us struggle to express our love.

The month of love is the perfect time to set this right and to remember that, by its very nature, love is something that is not only felt, but given and received.


The power of expressing love is immense, and there are so many ways to do it.

You could show your love with a hug for someone you care about, or by giving a simple smile to a stranger passing by. Why not tell a colleague that you love their work? How about making a phone call to a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while? If you know someone who is in needs a little love, give them a kind complement or spoil them with a little treat. You could even spread love by taking part in a community project.


Expressing love takes courage. Especially if it isn’t something you’re used to doing. Remember, showing love is sharing love.

So, if you are crushing on someone, why not be brave and let them know… or not so brave, and let a fluffy teddy or a card say it all for you.


It can be enchanting to be ‘in love’, so if it’s romantic love you are feeling right now, then Valentine’s Day is made for you. Whether your idea of indulging your sweetheart is a night out with dinner and a movie, a cosy night in with a candlelit dinner, a romantic breakfast in bed, or spoiling them with flowers and chocolates, enjoy expressing those loving feelings.


Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than casting your commitment in stone… if the stone is a diamond and it is set in a beautiful engagement ring. So, if you want to go big and pop the question, there’s no time better than Valentine’s Day for an uber romantic proposal. After all, a bit of sparkle is welcome at every occasion.


Of course, when it comes to showing your love, make sure to include yourself on the top of the list. If you love nature, find a way to spend time in it. If you love the indulgence of a long bath, take one. If you love dancing, turn the music up. If you’re passionate about coffee, share a cup or two.



Love has many dimensions and they all deserve to be celebrated.

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