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A photo is forever and always

It’s been said that a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye. The result of a simple click of the button is a unique moment captured in time, giving photos an almost magical quality. Just think of the powerful effect old photos have to transport us back to sunny childhood holidays and special birthday parties complete with delicious cake and colourful balloons.

With the help of technology, taking incredible photos is easier than ever.  Cameras have certainly come a long way with dozens of nifty features to get even the most camera shy excited about snapping more pics. Not to mention how our handy smartphones double as a camera, ensuring we never miss a chance to take the perfect picture.


Make no small plans for 2017!

There is something wonderful about the beginning of a new year. There’s the promise of a fresh start and the anticipation of all that lies ahead. It’s a new chapter in a brand new book – and the best part is you get to decide how the story goes.

This time of year also tempts many to put pen to paper and jot down resolutions for the next 12 months. Strict resolutions can be overwhelming, and let’s be honest, not much fun to keep. So instead of resolutions why not make plans. Plans that will inspire, delight, and add a little bit of joy to the year ahead.

Whether you’re a fan of resolutions or not, there are a few things anyone can try to make the most of 2017, and as the saying goes you may just find the best is yet to come.

  • Love the space you’re in

There’s hardly a better time to of year to sort through old clutter and give your home a little TLC. And who says back to school goodies are only for kids? The abundance of colourful stationery, organisers and files can make spring cleaning your space less of a hassle and a fantastic way to get creative, plus there’s the added bonus of knowing exactly where everything is when you need it later.


Happy Holidays

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year!

A time to relax, rejuvenate and spend time with family and friends – the summer holiday. As schools empty and the hustle and bustle of everyday life slows its pace, busy work schedules and study timetables are replaced with social gatherings and memorable family holidays.

Falling in the peak of our summer months, the festive season is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, and thanks to all the Limpopo province has to offer, you won’t have to go far to find it.

While many flock to the Kruger National Park to celebrate their holidays, there are a multitude of Limpopo game reserves and outdoor activities to choose from – click here for inspiration!

We’re all about Happy Holidays at Mall of the North and while we have the a full selection of wonderful gifts and entertainment waiting for you, please remember that the greatest gift you can give the people you love is time and attention – so make time to share quality time.

Whether your plans include entertaining your nearest and dearest in the comfort of your home, or exploring all the wonders Limpopo has to offer, there’s one important thing you need to keep in mind – plan ahead!

With the onslaught of end-of-year arrangements added to already busy days, chaos can quickly replace calm and organised. But, with a few simple steps, this doesn’t have to be you.

Plan, and the holidays will seem like a breeze.


Colour your spring

As spring wraps us in its warmth and the days start getting longer, nature starts refreshing her wardrobe with greens and bright flowers. Traditionally, spring is a time for new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to start fresh with new colours in your own wardrobe, at home, or in the workplace.

The Pantone Colour Institute released their choice of ten colours for the 2016 New York Fashion Week which takes place in September.  While not everyone will be eager to embrace some of their choices, colour can tell you some interesting things about your personality.



Fun at the Fairground

There is something wildly exciting about funfairs and carnivals. A spirit of fun and adventure that gets the heart racing and leaves children, and even adults, feeling the brave and carefree.

Yet there’s a long and interesting history to fairs, and in particular fairground rides; the very first of which was most likely a dobby set – coarsely made wooden horses set in a carousel and turned by manpower.

Children would often turn these rides for the showmen in exchange for a free ride – which was probably the inspiration for steam-powered rides as there must have been plenty of enthusiasm over whose turn it was to actually ride the carousel.



Your manly guide to the father of all days

Everyone knows that men tend to fall into certain categories, from the up-for-anything bro to the suave metro man. With Father’s Day fast approaching, here’s a breakdown of six types of men and the perfect places to get the best buys for these special guys.

1.  The outdoorsman

Picture1Give him a tent, a fishing rod, and a pair of tongs for the braai, and the outdoorsman is in heaven. Add a Swiss Army Knife into the mix, and he may agree to braai your meat to well-done. This is a man who can turn a piece of tin-foil into a state-of-the-art frying pan for a camp fire breakfast, but he won’t need to because he’s come prepared with a portable braai, and the cooking utensils to go with it. All that’s missing is the kitchen sink, but he’s booked a camp site that has amenities nearby.

Best places to shop: Cape Union Mart, Due South, Trappers




Warning! Camping is addictive!

There are few things in life as exciting as going away for a break, and nothing quite beats a camping holiday for an adventure.

Whether you’re a city slicker who prefers “glamping” (glamourous camping with all the amenities of home), or a die-hard survivalist determined to start your braai with a single matchstick, there are some essentials that no camping trip can do without.

Camping Tips for the Long Weekend

Picture1Plan and shop ahead. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of going away for a holiday, but excitement can quickly turn to tears when you’re three hours away from home and have forgotten something vital – like toilet paper. Make a list of everything you’ll need for the trip and check it off as you pack.

Depending on your destination, you may need to take several days worth of groceries with you. Camp sites are normally situated quite a distance from towns, and no one wants to spend their holiday in search of toothpaste when you could be roasting marshmallows over a fire. Plan your meals and shop accordingly.




Wrap your head around this!

The hairstyles of the moment are pretty plaits and beautiful braids.

Just look at the hottest hairstyles on screen.

Who can resist falling in love with Disney’s Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna and their trademark plaits? For older viewers, Game of Thrones seams to weave its plot in plaits and braids alone.

Fantasy made it from the screen to the red carpet during the recent Oscar Awards – not only did Leonardo DiCaprio finally win a long-awaited award, but celebrity styling confirmed that plaits remain the in-style of the moment.

Olivia Wilde, Tina Fey and Chrissy Teigen all wore braids to awards show. Lea Michele slicked her hair back in a peekaboo braid from Elton John’s annual Oscar party.

One of the reasons that plaits seem to stay in the style spotlight is their versatility. There are endless plaited styles and creative ways to weave hair – whether for elegant evening out, to hold it in place while participating in a sports event or even to wear to school.

French plaits, waterfall plaits, halo braids, boho braids and intricately plaited up-styles — they’re all making a statement on today’s most stylish heads.

Thanks to the Oscars we’re destined to spend the next while gawking at YouTube tutorials and plait hair until our hands spasm. So, here’s a few of the how-to highlights.

Perhaps the most fashionable is Princess Elsa of Arendelle’s gorgeous blonde textured French braid – the perfect style for The Snow Queen. Want to get your own pretty princess plait? Check out the fishtail braid tutorial from Disney Style.


All you need is love… so love showing it

February is celebrated as the month of love. But what is love?

Some say that it is a form of insanity others believe it to be deep caring connection. Many find it impossible to describe. That may be because love means different things to different people. There are also different kinds of love: I love my husband. I love my mother. I love my cat. I love reading books. I love sunsets. I love pina coladas, getting caught in the rain…

However, most agree that love is one of the most astonishing and satisfying experiences a person can have.

So, imagine a world with more love in it! We’d like that. A lot.

In today’s high-pressured, fast-paced and disconnected world, many people are sorely in need of love, yet so many of us struggle to express our love.

The month of love is the perfect time to set this right and to remember that, by its very nature, love is something that is not only felt, but given and received.



Be the festive season hostess with the most-est

They’re here at last! The summer holidays.

Long summer days mean more time to unwind and more time for entertaining. Now is the perfect time to catch up with friends and family after a busy year.

While entertaining comes naturally to the fortunate few, for most of us it’s a recipe for disaster. We’ve all had experiences that have left us swearing never again!

Hosting can be stressful and even downright scary. But it doesn’t need to be. Bringing friends and loved ones together and creating new memories can be as easy as it is enjoyable.

Whether you want to have people around for your annual festive celebration, indulge in a splash of coffee and a piece of cake or enjoy a braai with your maatjies, here are some handy tips to help make sure your guests have a great time, and you do too.