Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, the hustle and bustle of everyday life slows down and there’s finally time to relax, unwind and share a few laughs with family and friends.
But if finding the perfect gift has you stumped then keep reading because Mall of the North has something for everyone on your list – and we don’t mind if they’ve been naughty or nice. (more…)

Black Friday is coming! Here’s how to make the most of it.

It’s the biggest single shopping day of the year. Black Friday just around the corner and if you haven’t already, mark your calendars for 24 November and get ready for the biggest sales, best prices and hottest deals at Mall of the North. We’ve rounded up a few handy tips to ensure even the most seasoned shoppers make the most of Black Friday – all while having a fabulous time! (more…)

Get a little crafty

Think back to when you were a child and armed with a big box of crayons your only worry was choosing a favourite colour. Those really were the days!

Whoever said colouring in, drawing, painting and indulging in arts and crafts is just for kids was definitely wrong – just take a look at all the colouring books for adults flying off the shelves for proof. Plus recent studies suggest that adults who do creative activities could delay the development of memory problems in old age. Still not convinced? A team of researchers also found that adults who dabble in the arts were less prone to anxiety, depression and high blood pressure. (more…)

From couch potato to go-getter

Do you love curling up after a long day to binge-watch your favourite TV show? We know the feeling! With wintery weather and the abundance of warm blankets and comfort food it’s no wonder exercise is the last thing on our minds. That is until spring arrives and the summer holidays get tantalizingly closer. By then, the pressure to get fitter and healthier feels less like fun and more like a dreaded New Year’s resolution. So instead of holding out for nicer weather, why not go out there and get a head start today? (more…)

A little kindness can change the world

Open a newspaper, catch the 7 o’clock news, or scroll through social media and you’re likely to find more than your fair share of gloomy headlines. In the face of seemingly endless bad news it is worth reminding yourself that there are thousands of good people doing their best to make the world a little better each day.  You might even be one of them.

They say a little kindness can go a long way, and as anyone who’s ever tried to change lanes in horribly gridlocked traffic can attest to, the simple act of another motorist giving you a gap can make all the difference to your mood. According to the South African National Blood Service the relatively easy good deed of donating just one unit of blood can help save can help save as many as three people’s lives, proving that even the smallest act of kindness matter.


Here’s why you can (and should) celebrate winter

If you were to ask your friends and family to name their favourite season, it’s a safe bet very few would choose winter. Even in sunny South Africa the onset of June and July means frosty mornings, chilly nights and shorter days – not to mention the dreaded coughs and colds.

Instead of being glum about having to swop summer braais for more time indoors, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful things the new season has to offer, from big coats to hearty soup.

  • You’re allowed to ditch the summer diet

Instead of counting calories and skipping carbs you can use the colder months to indulge in all the most delicious and hearty meals you love most. Instead of slimmer salads there’s warm soup and Sunday roasts with extra gravy and potatoes. Instead of kale juice there’s mugs of hot chocolate. And it’s the time of year when no one can judge you for swopping fruit salads for pancakes and waffles.


Mom: A person who does the work of 20 people for free

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 14 May and while all moms deserve love and appreciation all the time, Mother’s Day is the chance to go that extra mile to show how much you care.

Not that any of us need any convincing, but just think about all the patience, love, time and hard work goes into being a mom. Moms run errands, doctor cuts and bruises, read stories, cook our favourite meals, and still managed to love us even when we were moody teenagers. All mothers out there, whether it is your own mom, sister, wife, daughter, or grandma deserve to be treated to something special on this day of appreciation. The good news is that even the smallest gestures can go just as far as the grand ones.

Mother’s Day should simply be all about her. Think of her favourite things, how she likes to unwind, what brings a smile to her face, and go with whatever that may be. If you’re still stuck, here are a few ideas you might want to try: (more…)

Chocolate is the answer no matter the question

Easter is right around the corner and like all great holidays it goes hand in hand with some delicious treats to enjoy with friends and family. Hot cross buns and sharing Sunday lunches are all part and parcel of this wonderful time of year and fortunately for those of us with a sweet tooth so are all things chocolate.

History tells us that the earliest Easter eggs were hen or duck eggs decorated at home in bright colours with vegetable dye and charcoal. To this day it is customary in many cultures to continue to dye Easter eggs while adding a special touch by decorating them with flowers. But it’s believed the very first edible chocolate eggs were made in the early 19th century, with France and Germany taking the lead in creating a new and unique approach to artistic confectionery. Fast forward to today and the range of chocolate eggs on offer are as numerous as they are delicious. (more…)

A good book is as good as a holiday

Everyone knows that reading is important, but have you ever asked yourself why? Of course there are obvious and practical reasons; doing everyday tasks like filling out forms, studying for a test, answering emails, checking dreaded bills. But there are also many far more exciting and wonderful reasons to reach for a book.

Modern life is demanding, fast-paced and full of responsibilities. A book offers a form of escape, for as little or as long as you choose, without paying for an extravagant holiday or even having to leave the comfort of a cosy spot on the couch. As the world moves online and we spend more of our time with smartphones and in front of computer screens it’s tempting for some to believe that books aren’t quite as important as they once were. Luckily though, even die-hard fans of gadgets and tech agree that between Kindles and iPads there’s more ways than ever lose yourself in a good book. (more…)

A photo is forever and always

It’s been said that a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye. The result of a simple click of the button is a unique moment captured in time, giving photos an almost magical quality. Just think of the powerful effect old photos have to transport us back to sunny childhood holidays and special birthday parties complete with delicious cake and colourful balloons.

With the help of technology, taking incredible photos is easier than ever.  Cameras have certainly come a long way with dozens of nifty features to get even the most camera shy excited about snapping more pics. Not to mention how our handy smartphones double as a camera, ensuring we never miss a chance to take the perfect picture.