Colour your spring

Colour your spring

As spring wraps us in its warmth and the days start getting longer, nature starts refreshing her wardrobe with greens and bright flowers. Traditionally, spring is a time for new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to start fresh with new colours in your own wardrobe, at home, or in the workplace.

The Pantone Colour Institute released their choice of ten colours for the 2016 New York Fashion Week which takes place in September.  While not everyone will be eager to embrace some of their choices, colour can tell you some interesting things about your personality.


We’ve taken their colour choices and matched them with the Hartman Personality Profile to give you a breakdown of what your style says about you.


These reflect the Fiesta and Peach Echo colour tones. Reds are power wielders, and use logic, vision and determination, with little emotion to complete tasks. People who fall into this category can be assertive, disciplined and independent, but are also inclined to be controlling, or have a tendency to put work before personal relationships.

Be careful how you choose to display your love of the colour red. Too much can be overpowering, so soften it up with some complementary colours, or use it sparingly.


Snorkel Blue and Serenity are both blue colour tones. Blues thrive on commitments, and willingly sacrifice personal gain. However, they can also be quite distrusting of others and due to their perfectionist tendencies, they may find it hard not to be in control of situations or even people. They are extremely loyal and comfortable in creative environments.

Blue can create a cool impression, but too much leaves some feeling cold. Balance it out with warmer colours, but make sure they complement each other.

Blue Dress









Whites and pastels

While spring’s top Pantone Colour range doesn’t contain white on its own, Rose Quartz and Limpet Shell appear to be a mix of white with red and blue respectively, creating beautiful pastels. Whites love peace and tranquillity, and will do anything to avoid confrontation. Kind and considerate, whites seldom show what they are feeling or thinking, but don’t be fooled. They have hidden depths and make wonderful listeners.

White is a very neutral colour, so while its clean simplicity might appeal, too much can also leave behind a sense of sterility. As it goes well with anything, feel free to liven it up with bright jewel tones.


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