Get a little crafty

Get a little crafty

Think back to when you were a child and armed with a big box of crayons your only worry was choosing a favourite colour. Those really were the days!

Whoever said colouring in, drawing, painting and indulging in arts and crafts is just for kids was definitely wrong – just take a look at all the colouring books for adults flying off the shelves for proof. Plus recent studies suggest that adults who do creative activities could delay the development of memory problems in old age. Still not convinced? A team of researchers also found that adults who dabble in the arts were less prone to anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.

Despite the benefits, a good number of people still believe that you have to be an accomplished painter or sculptor to truly enjoy being creative. The good news is this isn’t true either. From adult colouring books to scrapbooking there are thousands of ways to unleash your inner artist. The only real challenge is picking your first project.

So where to start? Here’s where the internet really is your friend. From learning how to play an instrument to baking and decorating a cake, you’ll find a detailed how-to tutorial on YouTube. If crafts and home DIY projects are more your cup of tea then Pinterest is undoubtedly the to go-to mecca for hundreds of great ideas.

Arts and crafts are also a fantastic way to keep the little ones busy during school holidays and distract them from too much screen time. Just as art is great for adults it’s twice as nice for children with teachers agreeing that art encourages fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. And now that summer has finally arrived all the fun (and mess) can happen outdoors in the sunshine. And you know where to get your arts and crafts supplies – Mall of the North of course!

The summer months are also exciting for another reason…It’s officially wedding season! If you’re a blushing bride-to-be then make a date with Mall of the North from 6 to 8 October where you’ll find SA’s leading (and most creative) wedding specialists to help you make your big day both beautiful and unforgettable.

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