Here’s to new beginnings!

Here’s to new beginnings!

Make (and keep) your 2018 resolutions

Here’s the scenario…A new year arrives and after dusting off the trusty old notebook we jot down a few dozen impossible tasks to be achieved by no later than mid-February. But after a few days of rigorous exercise, eating salad for lunch and dinner, waking up an hour earlier, all while trying to become the world’s best new yoga master, even the most iron-willed falter among us and ditch the resolutions completely. If this sounds all too familiar you’re in excellent company. According to research out of the United States, just eight percent of people manage to stick out their well-intentioned New Year’s objectives.

So what’s the problem? Business leaders, scientists, politicians, psychologists and almost everyone in between have long been curious about how the most admired and successful people reach their goals. The good news is you don’t have to be Oprah or any other famous celebrity to start living your own best life. We’ve rounded up some of the best advice we could find to help you on your way.

  • Start small and keep it simple

Perhaps the most common (and toughest) resolution is to shed those Christmas kilos by starting a strict new diet and exercise regime all on the same day. Instead of slowly torturing yourself start small by aiming to go for a short walk twice a week and swopping the pizza for a salad at your favourite restaurant.

  • Make it count

Aiming to run the next Mall of the North marathon is an inspiring and worthy goal! Get to the start line by setting smaller and more measurable targets along the way. This way of thinking applies as much to mastering yoga or leaning a new language as it does to marathons.

  • Phone a friend

For some of us, having a clear to-do list attached to the fridge door is motivation enough. Another tactic is to share your resolutions to friends and family as an effective way to help you see them through. The added bonus is all the extra kudos you’ll get when you tick off each accomplishment one by one.

  • Don’t stop believing

It’s easy to chalk up failed resolutions to a lack of willpower but the reality may be actually more complicated than that. Research into the matter seems to suggest that you have as much willpower as you think you have, with studies showing that students with high self-belief perform better overall compared with those who doubt their abilities. Sounds obvious enough right? Try remembering all this the next time your inner Negative Nancy starts spoiling the party.

And speaking of parties… Let’s raise a glass to 2018 – we have a feeling it’s going to be amazing!

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