Here’s why you can (and should) celebrate winter

Here’s why you can (and should) celebrate winter

If you were to ask your friends and family to name their favourite season, it’s a safe bet very few would choose winter. Even in sunny South Africa the onset of June and July means frosty mornings, chilly nights and shorter days – not to mention the dreaded coughs and colds.

Instead of being glum about having to swop summer braais for more time indoors, it’s time to celebrate all the wonderful things the new season has to offer, from big coats to hearty soup.

  • You’re allowed to ditch the summer diet

Instead of counting calories and skipping carbs you can use the colder months to indulge in all the most delicious and hearty meals you love most. Instead of slimmer salads there’s warm soup and Sunday roasts with extra gravy and potatoes. Instead of kale juice there’s mugs of hot chocolate. And it’s the time of year when no one can judge you for swopping fruit salads for pancakes and waffles.


  • Extra blankets and comfy pyjamas

Summer is all about the outdoors and with it a full social calendar. Winter on the other hand means there’s more time to do exactly what you want, when you want! What better time to stay inside wrapped up in your new favourite blanket with a good book? Low temperatures make it even easier to grab your hot water bottle, stay in your comfy pyjamas and spend an afternoon getting reacquainted with your all-time favourite movies and series.


  • Winter sunsets

We can all admit that getting out of bed on a particularly cold winter morning feels about as fun as watching paint dry. Luckily there are the beautiful winter sunsets to enjoy. Only on winter afternoons can you snap a photo of a sky full of pinks, reds, yellows and oranges and post it to Instagram with no filter needed.


  • It’s holiday time

Everyone loves the summer holidays, but if you’re wondering what to do with your little ones over long winter break you might want to consider going to the bush. It’s an open secret that there’s no better time to enjoy game viewing than in winter since thinner vegetation means wildlife is easier to spot.


  • Unleash your passion for fashion

If it’s especially cold outside then you can head indoors and spend a few hours relishing a little well-deserved retail therapy. While you’re strolling through all your favourite stores at Mall of the North you’re also getting a dose of healthy exercise too. A definite win-win! Winter means you get to update your wardrobe with all the latest coats, jackets, jerseys, scarves, boots and more. And as if you needed any more convincing, there are the fabulous new offerings from H&M who opened their doors just in time for you to reinvent your unique style to stay warm and fashion forward this winter. What’s not to love?

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