Wrap your head around this!

Wrap your head around this!

The hairstyles of the moment are pretty plaits and beautiful braids.

Just look at the hottest hairstyles on screen.

Who can resist falling in love with Disney’s Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna and their trademark plaits? For older viewers, Game of Thrones seams to weave its plot in plaits and braids alone.

Fantasy made it from the screen to the red carpet during the recent Oscar Awards – not only did Leonardo DiCaprio finally win a long-awaited award, but celebrity styling confirmed that plaits remain the in-style of the moment.

Olivia Wilde, Tina Fey and Chrissy Teigen all wore braids to awards show. Lea Michele slicked her hair back in a peekaboo braid from Elton John’s annual Oscar party.

One of the reasons that plaits seem to stay in the style spotlight is their versatility. There are endless plaited styles and creative ways to weave hair – whether for elegant evening out, to hold it in place while participating in a sports event or even to wear to school.

French plaits, waterfall plaits, halo braids, boho braids and intricately plaited up-styles — they’re all making a statement on today’s most stylish heads.

Thanks to the Oscars we’re destined to spend the next while gawking at YouTube tutorials and plait hair until our hands spasm. So, here’s a few of the how-to highlights.

Perhaps the most fashionable is Princess Elsa of Arendelle’s gorgeous blonde textured French braid – the perfect style for The Snow Queen. Want to get your own pretty princess plait? Check out the fishtail braid tutorial from Disney Style.

Love it but want a fishtail plait that you can do yourself instead? Then this tutorial from L’Oreal is perfect for you.

Even Elsa’s sister Anna sports braids, including a fabulous up-do on coronation day. Disney style shows us how it is done.

That’s great if you are doing someone else’s hair. If you have long hair, and you are looking for a similar style you can do yourself, this tutorial from Swartzkopf will show you how to whip up a gorgeous plaited up-style.

The key to styling the best plaits of the season is to keep your braids voluminous and messy. For your own little twist, add a bit of pizazz with adornments of ribbon, sparkle or flowers to your plait.

Inspired? Here are some different bold braid styles spotted at New York Fashion Week by Tresemme.

And if French and Dutch plaits just aren’t for you, why not try South Africa’s most famous plait: the koeksister.


Buy mini koeksisters ready-made from Woolworths or try this delicious recipe from Woolworths taste magazine http://taste.co.za/recipes/koeksisters/.


Happy plaiting!

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