Your manly guide to the father of all days

Your manly guide to the father of all days

Everyone knows that men tend to fall into certain categories, from the up-for-anything bro to the suave metro man. With Father’s Day fast approaching, here’s a breakdown of six types of men and the perfect places to get the best buys for these special guys.

1.  The outdoorsman

Picture1Give him a tent, a fishing rod, and a pair of tongs for the braai, and the outdoorsman is in heaven. Add a Swiss Army Knife into the mix, and he may agree to braai your meat to well-done. This is a man who can turn a piece of tin-foil into a state-of-the-art frying pan for a camp fire breakfast, but he won’t need to because he’s come prepared with a portable braai, and the cooking utensils to go with it. All that’s missing is the kitchen sink, but he’s booked a camp site that has amenities nearby.

Best places to shop: Cape Union Mart, Due South, Trappers



2. The Chef

Picture2With knives that are always sharp and all the ingredients for delicious (and sometimes bizarre) experimentation, you’ll find the chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  Whether the results of his hero recipe are fabulous or a bit of a flop, his heart is always in the right place. Nothing makes him happier than gathering his family and mates around the table to taste his home-cooked treats. His special ingredient? Love (and chillies).

Best places to shop: Mr Price Home, @Home, Boardmans, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Woolworths




3. The handy man

Picture3Need a lightbulb changed, a toaster repaired or have an oil leak in your car? This guy is fond of all things gadget related and will happily help you take everything electronic apart. Whether they can put it back together again is another story, but any good mechanic will tell you that if you don’t have some parts left over at the end, you’ve done something wrong!

Best places to shop: Game, Samsung, Dion Wired


4. The craftsman

Picture4Ever fancied a new wooden spice rack? Or those lovely new pallet furniture ideas that are all the rage? Give him a rotary saw, electric sander and a workbench, and your craftsman will happily DIY your home into the future. True, those dining room chairs may be a little bit wonky, and he’ll always smell like wood shavings, possibly reminding you of your childhood hamster, but think of how much fun he’s having while he’s drilling holes into blocks of wood.

Best places to shop: Verimark, Game, Incredible Connection


5. The intellectual

Picture5The intellectual guy is more than capable of tackling taxes, fighting financials and playing the stock market. Stuck on a crossword? Never fear – he’s read more books than you’ve ever heard of, and puzzles absolutely delight him. Board games and pub quizzes are the height of entertainment for him – as long as he’s on the winning team.

Best places to shop: CNA, Bargain Books, Reggies (for the board games of course)


6. The sportsman

Picture6Whether it is rugby, cricket, football, golf, motor sports, or tennis, there is a sport out there for every man. They may not necessarily participate – unless it’s from the couch – but they will follow it passionately and sometimes, obsessively. Watching a game live on TV with a bunch of other guys all yelling at the screen is the epitome of manly bonding.

Best places to shop: Biltong Pret, Samsung, Coricraft – any sportsman knows you can’t watch a game without a comfortable couch, a big screen TV and snacks. Lots of snacks.

Whoever you’re shopping for, remember that the golden rule of shopping with men is to be quick and decisive. Unless you’re going to a shop that caters to their particular hobby. Then you’d better take provisions for a long stay.

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